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Virtual Summer Games

2020 Virtual Summer Games Results 

Practice all your events first and keep track of your scores as you go. Fill out this form once you are done practicing all your events. Remember that you can submit scores for up to 3 Track & Field Events and 2 Strength Events. Please only complete this form one time per person. You must be at least eight years old to participate in this event.

Results are due by June 1st, 2020

First Name
Last Name
*The Virtual Summer Games are limited to North Dakota residents only
Your role with SOND
You do not need to be a registered athlete in order to participate
*Only complete if you are currently attending school or living in a group home.
Do you use a wheelchair?
First Name
Last Name

Event Scores

Track and Field Events (for track events, record the time it takes to complete the specified distance and record that in the correct field)
Walk or Roll - 25 Meter
Did you walk or roll the 25 meters?
Walk or Run - 50 Meter
Did you walk or run the 50 meters?
Walk or Run - 100 Meter
Did you walk or run the 100 meters?
Walk or Run - 200 Meter
Did you walk or run the 200 meters?
Walk or Run - 1/2 Mile
Did you walk or run the 1/2 mile?
Tennis Ball Throw (50 Feet Max)
Standing Long Jump
Strength/Powerlifting Events
Sit-up Challenge
# of sit-ups completed in one minute
Push-up Challenge
# of push-ups completed in one minute
Squat Challenge
# of squats completed in one minute
Plank Challenge
Upload a photo of yourself participating in your event
No file selected

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